Hello Neigh­bor

You re­ally don’t want to pop round next door

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What would you do if you thought your neigh­bour was hid­ing some­thing evil in the base­ment? Well, we’d prob­a­bly shut the cur­tains and curl up in bed, safe un­der the cov­ers, for we are pa­thetic cow­ards. In this game, though, you are brave. So brave, in fact, that you en­deav­our to break into this sus­pi­cious neigh­bour’s house and in­ves­ti­gate.

Mak­ing it slightly harder is a crafty foe who learns your be­hav­iour and adapts ac­cord­ingly to scup­per any at­tempts at un­in­vited snoop­ery. For in­stance, you might de­cide to chuck a tomato at a win­dow to lure the mad ad­joiner out­side, then dart into the house while his back is turned. It might work once, but try do­ing it a sec­ond time and he won’t fall for it. A new strat­egy will be re­quired.

Once in­side his abode, the script flips. Now it’s a tense game of cat and mouse as you sneak around, loot­ing tools and try­ing not to make too much noise. You can stack fur­ni­ture to block en­trances, and use a ham­mer to wrench nailed-on boards from sus­pi­cious doors, but this might at­tract his wrath. Once he’s spot­ted you, you’ll see a hand shoot up over the screen and prompt a cut to black as he grabs you from off cam­era. It’s like if Pixar did Alien: Iso­la­tion.

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