Run the du­els

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‘Jour­ney with kick-ass martial arts’ is the el­e­va­tor pitch for this slick open-world RPG. As you ex­plore the ru­ins of a fallen em­pire, you’ll seam­lessly en­counter other play­ers, who you can ei­ther ally and trade with, or at­tack with bone-crunch­ing melee com­bat (and steal their stuff). Your highly cus­tomis­able ‘Com­bat Deck’ al­lows you to build your own unique fight­ing style out of four stances and a huge se­lec­tion of at­tacks and moves, whether you go bare­handed or wield a weapon. And once you’ve per­fected your build, you can also head into com­pet­i­tive ranked mul­ti­player for some in­tense on­line spar­ring.

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