The Leg­end Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Climb trees, cook frogs, oh, and save Hyrule

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The game to cap off a Nin­tendo con­sole gen­er­a­tion and kick­start an en­tirely new one gives ev­ery­one’s favourite elf boy more free­dom than he’s ever been pre­vi­ously granted. More free­dom to dress up, whether it’s don­ning pro­tec­tive pieces of chunky ar­mour or chang­ing the colour of his tu­nic. More free­dom over wield­ing weapons, rang­ing from branches, to arm bones, to mag­i­cal rods that shoot spread­ing fire. And more free­dom to run, swim, and glide deku leaf-style through an epic wild world. With that free­dom comes more chal­lenge.

You can, for ex­am­ple, scale a sheer cliff face and find a 12ft horned Moblin lurk­ing at the top. Do you flee the snout-faced foe, or do you fight him for his spiked bone club?

You find the means to de­cide where to go and when, but prepa­ra­tion is re­quired. Vic­tory against the leap­ing lizard-like Lizal­fos who at­tack with dev­as­tat­ing elec­tric jolts in the crum­bling Zonai Ru­ins, for in­stance, is more as­sured if you spend time hunt­ing truf­fles and boar in the for­est and then steam­ing their health-re­plen­ish­ing meat be­fore­hand. The risk is hand­somely re­warded: here Link is pre­sented with horns and talons which can be used to craft with.

A less guided but no less glo­ri­ous ex­pe­ri­ence than fans have ever en­coun­tered be­fore, Breath Of The Wild seeks to re­de­fine The Leg­end Of Zelda on both Wii U and Switch.

If you can see it, you can scale it. Link’s stam­ina me­ter pre­vents you climb­ing too far, but this can be in­creased.

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