Slime Rancher

No farm, no fowl

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It’s a sticky busi­ness, all this run­ning around suck­ing up jig­gling blobs of coloured goo in your Vac­pack and de­posit­ing them in hold­ing pens. Then again, how else would you earn a liv­ing on th­ese in­ter­ga­lac­tic plains that look sus­pi­ciously like the Wild West, only pop­u­lated by a sea of bounc­ing jel­lies? Later slimes have dif­fer­ent pow­ers that re­ally test your wran­gling skill, like ra­dioac­tive ones, or ones that ex­plode, and you’ll have to de­velop drills, utilise pumps, and ven­ture far and wide to find them.

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