Crac kdown 3

If you build it, they will blow it up

Games Master - - Feature -

Mi­crosoft is keen to turn longde­layed-but-fi­nally-in­bound (yes!) third-per­son sand­box shooter Crack­down 3 into a sys­tem seller. How? Let­ting play­ers dec­i­mate the en­tire sky­line. We’re not just talk­ing about a few win­dows or ceil­ings, ei­ther. Here ev­ery sin­gle build­ing is col­lapsi­ble, from cramped of­fices to tow­er­ing 40-floor sky­scrapers. Again, how? Well, all the physics data is off­loaded onto a cloud-based server, en­abling de­struc­tion on a scale never seen be­fore. You can also punch out a hole shaped like a dog in a wall. This se­ries has re­peat­edly threat­ened great­ness – hope­fully this proves a clas­sic case of third time lucky.

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