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An­droid saga has its charms, AI AI O

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Say what you like about David Cage, but it’s un­de­ni­able that the man has a tonne of ambition. Quan­tic Dream has taken the heart-rend­ing seven minute 2012 PS3 tech demo, Kara, and built an en­tire neo-noir thriller out of it. A cold fu­ture – ad­vanced an­droids are slaves to hu­mans, but are de­vel­op­ing self-aware­ness – glit­ters with in­cred­i­ble vis­ual fi­delity.

It’s also a sur­pris­ingly com­plex Quan­tic ti­tle. Just like Heavy Rain, as you progress through the story you’ll play as mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters with dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties. Robo-de­tec­tive Con­nor, for ex­am­ple, hunts down an­droids that have gone hay­wire and can make use of Re­con­struct Mode – ma­nip­u­late the DualShock touch­pad, and he’ll piece to­gether clues, al­low­ing him to re­con­struct crimes.

More in­formed di­a­logue choices equal a bet­ter out­come, but the longer you dilly-dally with data, the lower the per­cent­age chance of suc­cess drops. It’s a race against time – one of mul­ti­ple new game­play facets that could make this the jewel in Cage’s crown.

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