Destiny 2

Bungie’s mon­u­men­tal loot-shooter se­quel is all Light on the night

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Bungie’s pride and joy is back! But the ques­tion is: it worth buy­ing into a sec­ond time? We’ve been hard at work shoot­ing aliens, grab­bing loot, run­ning strikes, and lev­el­ling up, and we’re ready to give you our fi­nal score.

“On ocean-dom­i­nated moon Ti­tan, frothy waves gather and roll to the hori­zon”

You might have played Destiny for five hun­dred hours. You might have played it for five. Or you might never have played it at all. How do you de­sign a game to ac­com­mo­date such sharp spikes in player fa­mil­iar­ity? This is the task Bungie faced in fol­low­ing up its 2014 mas­sively mul­ti­player shooter, and the developer has risen to meet it. Whether this is your in­tro­duc­tory hand­shake to the se­ries, your re­turn­ing em­brace, or the wary glance you cast at a spurned lover, Destiny 2 re­turns ev­ery ges­ture si­mul­ta­ne­ously like a multi-armed so­cial sa­vant.

Your Guardian might not be happy with the change, though. Af­ter city-sized sphere the Trav­eler be­stowed freaky pow­ers on he, she, or it in the last game, they be­gin Destiny 2 ef­fec­tively re­set. That means zero Light level and loot, although you can choose to im­port an ex­ist­ing Guardian’s cos­met­ics. Domi­nus Ghaul is to blame, a posh alien rhino in a Gun­dam suit who steals your Light and makes you all normal (for 20 min­utes, any­way) be­fore pledg­ing to crack open the Trav­eler like a Kinder Egg, then blow up the sun. There’s even a short spirit-questy bit in which you and hov­er­ing com­pan­ion drone Ghost fol­low an eagle up a moun­tain, all sad and re­flec­tive about not be­ing mag­i­cal any more. Ghaul’s in­va­sion of­fers the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to start afresh, and with awe­some new classes avail­able (twirl a staff! Sprout fire wings! Throw a shield like a cer­tain pa­tri­otic cap­tain!), it’s one you’ll rel­ish rather than rue.

Destiny 2 com­prises of four key parts: a planet-hop­ping cam­paign you can quite hap­pily play on your own; self-con­tained Strike mis­sions that let you buddy up with two mates; time-in­tense Raids for larger teams (un­avail­able at time of writ­ing); and 4v4 com­pet­i­tive mode, the Cru­cible. These parts intertwine through­out sev­eral gor­geous hubs spread across the So­lar Sys­tem from which you can pick pursuits with­out pres­sure. There’s Earth’s Euro­pean Dead Zone (EDZ), with its for­lorn town squares and for­got­ten high­ways fork­ing through sun-dap­pled glades; the milky lakes and chalky mono­liths of Nes­sus; ched­dar-yel­low Io sit­ting un­der the spec­tac­u­lar glare of Jupiter; and ocean-dom­i­nated moon Ti­tan, where frothy waves gather and roll to the hori­zon. All are won­drously pic­turesque lo­ca­tions packed with se­crets to find, na­tives to fight, and roam­ing player-con­trolled Guardians to join.

Heart and so­lar

How­ever you earn new weapons, gear, and ex­pe­ri­ence is en­tirely up to you. You might choose to plun­der dun­geon-like Lost Sec­tors, for in­stance. Just make sure you’re lev­elled ap­pro­pri­ately – one un­der­ground EDZ Ca­bal den con­tains a grenade-launch­ing Cen­tu­rion who in­sta-kills us at least 20 times. Thank­fully

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