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Digital or disc? asks Alexan­dre Ross

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Re­cently I’ve taken the plunge and up­graded to a new PS4. It’s awe­some, but PS Plus has raised a ques­tion for me: What’s the best way to get games? Back in the day get­ting a disc was the only choice, but now you can down­load a game straight to your con­sole. Smash­ing! I tried this and it seems to work great. How­ever, no con­sole lasts for­ever. What hap­pens if my con­sole dies? Do I lose my digital col­lec­tion?

This isn’t made clear any­where. Also digital games eat hard drive space. So I’m stuck in a co­nun­drum. What would you rec­om­mend to a new­bie: digital or disc?

Choice is great and I’m not knock­ing it, but which op­tion in your ex­pe­ri­ence gives the best combo of per­for­mance and ben­e­fits? And is there any dif­fer­ence be­tween the digital ver­sion of games and their disc coun­ter­parts? With al­most all of the ma­jor ser­vices (ex­cept, some­times, Nin­tendo), your digital pur­chases are tied to your ac­count, not your con­sole – so they’re yours for­ever. Tech­ni­cally, your own­er­ship of a digital game is less clear-cut than a phys­i­cal copy, as what you’ve re­ally bought is just a li­cence to down­load it. In prac­tice, though, short of the company sud­denly fold­ing, there shouldn’t be any risk.

Which is better? It’s up to you re­ally. Which do you pre­fer to keep un­clut­tered – your house, or your hard drive? How re­li­able and fast is your in­ter­net con­nec­tion? Do you like be­ing able to trade games back in? There are pros and cons to each, but there’s no right or wrong choice!

There shouldn’t be any dif­fer­ence in con­tent or per­for­mance be­tween phys­i­cal and digital ver­sions.

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