Reach out and touch faith

Games Master - - Special Exclusive Feature! -

From hooded fig­ures chant­ing by can­dle­light, to fast-talk­ing pitch­men, to gun-tot­ing fa­nat­ics, cults are ubiq­ui­tous in videogames. And we reckon they get a bad rap. Be­ing in a cult means more than just be­ing can­non-fod­der for the hero as he fights his way to­wards a sum­moned-up boss mon­ster. It means hold­ing to your ideals, find­ing a whole new pas­sion in life, and be­liev­ing in some­thing greater than your­self. Sure, it also means a few hu­man sac­ri­fices here and there, but so does any­thing worth do­ing, right? With that in mind, we’ve de­cided to give some of gam­ing’s great­est cults a chance to give you their pitches. Time to find out which set of robes is right for you.

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