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Does no one ever learn? Noth­ing good ever comes from sci­en­tific re­search or­gan­i­sa­tions de­cid­ing to de­velop ac­cel­er­ated knowl­edge. One minute you’re on a talk show with the best of in­ten­tions say­ing how good your work will be for hu­man­ity, the next the apoca­lypse has ar­rived via your slaver­ing hun­gry cre­ations and sud­denly you’re the bad guy for want­ing ev­ery­one to be in­stas­mart. Ironic re­ally. If Thim­ble­weed Park has you han­ker­ing for more new ad­ven­ture games – or more ways to be re­ally stuck while gaz­ing at a lone piece of string or a fry­ing pan – look no fur­ther than pix­e­lated noir nasty The Long Reach. This is the first game from Painted Black Games in Ukraine and from the get-go there was no ques­tion of what the team should get to work on. “We are huge fans of the ad­ven­ture genre. I mean, fa­nat­ics. Each of us has played a lot of them through­out life, so we want to make a game which could be ex­cit­ing not only for play­ers but us as well,” ex­plains Vlad Veterok, from the stu­dio. “The sources of our in­spi­ra­tion are too nu­mer­ous to list, but we’ve taken a lit­tle of the at­mos­phere from Ma­trix, Res­i­dent Evil, and Lone Sur­vivor. Also, we’ve been in­spired by The Last Door, True De­tec­tive, and Fargo.”

Re­search and res­cue

The game was orig­i­nally a mo­bile ti­tle, but the team has been through mul­ti­ple it­er­a­tions to bring it to as wide an au­di­ence as pos­si­ble. While there’s plenty of dia­logue and tricky puz­zles to solve – how does the cof­fee cup in­ter­act with the servers ex­actly? – the team wants to de­liver not only a story that you’ll care about but one that can scare you too. Lone Sur­vivor proved that pix­els can still be ter­ri­fy­ing, and with an omi­nous sound­track – com­plete with scratch­ing strings to put your teeth on edge – The Long Reach is more of the same. “Thanks to our artist Alina Berd­nik and com­poser Rus­lan Viter, we have a piece of dark­ness here,” says Veterok. “Hon­estly, when I was test­ing the sec­ond scene, I trem­bled with fear try­ing to solve one creepy puz­zle.”

The team isn’t giv­ing away ex­actly what’s hunt­ing ju­nior re­searcher Ste­wart, but we’re guess­ing that mon­sters are at work. Game­play we’ve seen so far shows the sur­vivors of the re­search fa­cil­ity de­fend­ing them­selves with knives and weapons while others haven’t been so lucky, ly­ing sprawled blood­ily in labs and shops. The word ‘trans­mu­ta­tion’ is be­ing teased so we know that what­ever’s hunt­ing in the dark def­i­nitely isn’t kit­tens. With more than 50 lo­ca­tions and slews of other sur­vivors to man­age, The Long Reach looks like a sur­pris­ing grim de­light. Throw in the fact that this is a wel­come PS Vita re­lease too, our favourite por­ta­ble in­die ma­chine, and the end of the world as we know it can’t come soon enough. Good luck, Ste­wart. You’re go­ing to need it.

Sav­ing the world might be a lit­tle above Ste­wart’s pay grade, but he’s try­ing any­way.

This guy clearly couldn’t find the spe­cific flavour of Mon­ster Munch he was hunt­ing down. It’s pick­led onion or noth­ing in the sci­ence labs.

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