The new ex­o­suit is a game changer.

power ranger

Games Master - - Feature On The Cover! -

The Da’at Yichud Power Suit was in­tro­duced in The New Or­der. BJ dons it early in the se­quel, al­low­ing him to con­tinue killing Nazis de­spite be­ing paral­ysed from the waist down. But there’s a catch. His health can never go above 50, at least not per­ma­nently. The su­per­hu­man strength and speed it grants him more than makes up for it, how­ever, and you can tip his health over 50 by over­charg­ing with power-ups. But it’ll al­ways trickle back down, forc­ing you to adopt a slightly more care­ful, con­sid­ered strat­egy when­ever you find your­self wear­ing the thing.

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