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Over one hun­dred ex­ist­ing games are set for free up­dates adding 4K res­o­lu­tion, higher frame rates, HDR, and Dolby At­mos sup­port – here are four we’re par­tic­u­larly look­ing for­ward to

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A free patch en­ables 4K 30fps for cam­paign and horde mode, and 4K 60fps for mul­ti­player. It also of­fers a higher poly­gon count, fully dy­namic shad­ows, im­proved re­flec­tions, and longer draw dis­tances. Mar­cus Fenix’s laugh­ter lines will look like World War II trenches. CD Pro­jekt RED ini­tially cited com­mit­ment to next game Cy­ber­punk 2077 as the rea­son it won’t re­visit its epic fan­tasy for Xbox One X, but the Pol­ish developer has since done a u-turn. That re­luc­tance sug­gests the sheer amount of work it takes – but it’ll be worth it. The sun-bleached set­ting of Kar­naca is one of the best­con­ceived worlds this gen­er­a­tion, so it’ll be a joy to skulk through clock­work man­sions, royal conservatories, and clifftop prisons in sear­ing 4K. We’re not so sure we want to see the rats more clearly, mind. The Su­per Du­per graph­ics pack adds re­al­is­tic tex­tures, en­hanced light­ing, and 4K res­o­lu­tion for free. Grass blobs trans­form into blades, wa­ter rip­ples, and sun­rays stream through clouds. The last game you’d ex­pect to ben­e­fit from Xbox One X ac­tu­ally trans­forms the most.

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