Sea Of Thieves

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Rare’s mul­ti­player pi­rate game isn’t one you’d ex­pect to look dras­ti­cally better on Xbox One X given its clean, sim­ple art de­sign, but it does have lots of detail that the new con­sole can bring out. Full 4K sup­port does spe­cial things to this wa­tery world. Take the wa­ter it­self: the spray from a rogue wave, the white foam churned up by swelling cur­rents, and the sun glim­mer­ing across rolling un­du­la­tions. These are some of the best wa­ter ef­fects we’ve ever seen. It helps that all Mi­crosoft ex­clu­sives are PC-com­pat­i­ble by de­fault, be­cause it means devel­op­ers like Rare can share tech­niques across both ver­sions of the game. Again, Sea Of Thieves looks great when you’re play­ing at 1080p on Xbox One, but Xbox One X up­grades the warped, painterly aes­thetic and re­sults in dis­tant rocky is­lands look­ing clearer, blue skies seem­ing more vi­brant, and wa­ter ap­pear­ing, well, wet­ter. It’s even more tim­ber-shiv­er­ing.

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