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I want to live in Gotham City from Arkham Knight… is that strange? I just can’t help but ad­mire the ar­chi­tec­ture.

Dan Wood, @Dan_Wood98

I bought No Man’s Sky at launch, hated it, and traded it in not long af­ter. I am done with it. There’s plenty of new stuff to get my teeth stuck in to. Re­leas­ing a patch months later is not go­ing to en­cour­age peo­ple who al­ready tried and didn’t like it to buy it again. They should en­sure the game is at this stage when it’s launched.

Dario Or­lando, Facebook

Had a 15-hour binge of FFXIII on Xmas Eve once. From the open­ing cutscene at 4pm Eve to chap­ter 11 with a maxed Crys­tar­ium 8am Xmas Day. All so I could say I was the first one up at Christ­mas!

Jamie Ser­gi­son, Facebook

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