The Brother­hood of NOD

( Com­mand & Con­quer)

Games Master - - Special Exclusive Feature! -

GDI?! More like GD-Why? Am I right, folks? I’m not wrong. Yeah, this guy over here gets it! I mean come on now – Wolver­ine tanks?! Those things look like a con­struc­tion skip had in­ti­mate re­la­tions with Robo­cop’s arch-neme­sis. Yeah, you know the one, the guy who looks like a stair­lift – but now needs another stair­lift to make it down the stairs!

Wow, what a great au­di­ence we have in tonight. You guys are great, the great­est, and hey, while I have you – please con­sider join­ing us, and ris­ing up in armed strug­gle against the tyran­ni­cal Western elite! So, lets talk Tiberium, okay? Love it – love ev­ery­thing about it, even have it on my Kane Flakes in the morn­ing. Plus, my buddy just got him­self a brand-new Tiberium tank… Now I know why they call it ‘green with envy’! But here’s the thing about Tiberium folks – if we want it, we must first take back the means of pro­duc­tion from the deca­dent Western im­pe­ri­al­ists! They’re all that’s stop­ping us. Am I right? Peace out! War in!

Sadly, ‘The Brother­hood Of Wink­ing And Do­ing Fin­ger Guns’ was al­ready taken.

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