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Sixty sec­onds. It took sixty sec­onds for a dis­as­ter to hap­pen. In the I haven’t even fin­ished read­ing tu­to­rial. the stuff about how keep­ing food and air be­fore peo­ple alive re­quires a com­puter voice states ‘base gun­fire perime­ter breaks out. Be­fore I’ve com­pro­mised’ and even got my bear­ings a bird- air­lock. My lit­tle like alien breaches the space peo­ple take the ini­tia­tive, and while I’m look­ing for a ‘make prob­lems go away’ but­ton, they the fin­ish the xeno-budgie. Maybe be all right? They seem hardy every­thing’s go­ing to and they’ve brought pets! There wan­der­ing the base are dogs and cats who I vow to pro­tect with my life. The peo­ple? I’ll see what do. But if any­thing happens to I can Mister Fluffy I will burn this planet from or­bit.

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