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Maia has been in Early Ac­cess for a very long time and seems to have fo­cused on ad­ding fea­tures with­out ever nail­ing a good ex­pla­na­tion of what to do. There’s a lot of trial, er­ror, and googling in­volved if you want to suc­ceed. The best course of ac­tion for the next few up­dates needs to be a re­vamp of tu­to­ri­als and in-game feed­back to bet­ter ex­plain how any of it works, and why any of it happens. A man­age­ment sim about build­ing a colony on an­other planet has loads of po­ten­tial, but only if it ex­plains what the player needs to do. Some­thing sim­i­lar such as the 2D Rim­world might look more ba­sic but has both more depth and a more ac­ces­si­ble learn­ing curve.

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