Mario’s other mounts

He’s parked his bum on more than Yoshi



Dor­rie is the friendly Ple­siosaur from Su­per Mario 64 who end­lessly pad­dles around an un­der­ground lake in Hazy Maze Cave. Clearly not made for the wa­ter, in the 3DS port Nin­tendo gave him gog­gles. Cute.

Ice skate Lux­ury Car

A lu­cra­tive col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween Mario Kart 8 and Mercedes-Benz let play­ers lap cour­ses in lux­ury. The free down­load­able pack was – and re­mains – one of the strangest cross-brand­ings in his­tory.

Kuribo shoe

First ap­pear­ing in Su­per Mario Bros 3, this mas­sive wind-up boot lets Mario hop across spikes. In Su­per Mario Maker there’s even a stiletto vari­ant. But who is this footwear for? Are there un­seen gi­ants stomp­ing around the Mush­room King­dom? Goom­bas ride ice skates around Snow­ball Park in Su­per Mario 3D World, but Mario can com­man­deer them and zip away across the ice like an Ital­ian Dean, from Olympic-gold-medal-win­ning Bri­tish fig­ure skat­ing duo Torvill and Dean.


Mario’s love for equines knows no bounds. He races them in Mario Sports Su­per­stars, and per­forms tricks on horse­back in Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Maybe he should for­get Peach and marry one?

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