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The iconic hero ships


Mil­len­nium Fal­con

We all know the Mil­len­nium Fal­con’s key as­set: speed. The abil­ity to over­charge your weapons sys­tem for some ex­tra punch and fire off a round of con­cus­sion mis­siles comes in handy too.

Slave I

Bounty hunter Boba Fett’s uniquely shaped ship is all about power. It’s able to dish out as much dam­age with its pow­er­ful seis­mic charges as it’s got the ca­pac­ity to take, thanks to its sturdy hull.


Fans of stealth will want to get in the cock­pit of Darth Maul’s Scim­i­tar. It comes equipped with a cloak­ing de­vice that al­lows you to tem­po­rar­ily turn in­vis­i­ble and am­bush your en­e­mies.

Black One

Poe Dameron’s ship has an abil­ity that sends out a radar-like pulse, high­light­ing en­emy ships for your team­mates. The lov­able BB-8 is on board too, of­fer­ing a re­pair abil­ity when you’ve taken a few hits.

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