Rabbi d whole

Why it’s worth a re­turn visit to the four king­doms af­ter com­plet­ing the game


Even af­ter you’ve com­pleted the nine chap­ters and boss bat­tle that make up each world, there are rea­sons to go back and play them again. For starters, you’ll want to earn a ‘per­fect’ rat­ing, which means keep­ing all of your team alive while fin­ish­ing within a given num­ber of turns, and a re­play func­tion lets you skip straight to the bat­tles with­out hav­ing to carry out the ex­plo­ration be­tween. Al­ter­na­tively, you can take a more leisurely stroll around, mop­ping up any secrets you missed or couldn’t pre­vi­ously reach.

Since each new world un­locks a new skill – let­ting you push or de­stroy blocks, for ex­am­ple – it’s only once you’ve fin­ished the fi­nal world that you’ll be able to find ab­so­lutely every­thing. In­stead of the stan­dard bat­tles, you’ll see mush­room-headed Rabbids that host chal­lenges of vary­ing dif­fi­culty: es­cort­ing a Toad to the exit within six turns for ex­am­ple, or de­feat­ing 14 en­e­mies within three (which is eas­ier than it sounds).

Then on top of that, there are bonus ar­eas that yield rare trea­sures. They’re ev­ery bit as sub­stan­tial as the reg­u­lar chap­ters: the first world’s se­cret alone hosts two bat­tles that even­tu­ally open a bridge to two chests, and give you ac­cess to golden weapons. And if that’s still not enough, then com­plet­ing a world re­veals a se­ries of co-op mis­sions, where each player com­mands a team of two, us­ing weapons you’ve un­locked while play­ing through the story. Phew!

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