Is Nin­tendo hold­ing out on us? asks Sam Hamil­ton

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Still lov­ing the mag, keep up the good work! Why do you think Nin­tendo don’t cre­ate enough stock of the mini con­soles they pro­duce? I know it cre­ates de­mand, but they sell like hot cakes so why would Nin­tendo want to give money to all the scalpers?!

I man­aged to get my­self a Mini SNES and un­lock Star Fox 2! I must say the re­al­ity of play­ing it wasn’t quite as good as I had imag­ined… I can see why it never got re­leased as it was push­ing the FX chip and the SNES to the ab­so­lute lim­its and made it run very slow and choppy! In fact, most of the games I re­mem­bered so highly haven’t stood the test of time. Nos­tal­gia is a file that re­moves the rough edges from the good old days, it would seem…

Do you think Nin­tendo will con­tinue on with the minis and re­lease a Mini 64? I think I’d pre­fer that ver­sion more as the games are a bit more de­tailed and last longer. Thanks for the kind words, Sam!

To be honest, we doubt the short­ages are to do with Nin­tendo at­tempt­ing to drive up de­mand, as many as­sume. That wouldn’t re­ally make sense. It might be risk aver­sion – bet­ter to make too few and sell them all, than risk mak­ing too many and hav­ing loads left over. Or it may sim­ply be dif­fi­cult to man­u­fac­ture them in bulk.

We'd love to see a Mini-N64, but we’re not sure if it’ll hap­pen or not. We sus­pect it’d be more ex­pen­sive to make, and that there’s prob­a­bly less nos­tal­gia out there for it than there is for NES and SNES. Fingers crossed, though!

We’ll be div­ing deep into Star Fox 2 in next month’s RetroMaster – make sure to check it out!

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