Wild things

They make your hatchet swing

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Great Ja­gras

This gi­ant iguana will be the first major mon­ster most peo­ple en­counter. The poor thing looks like it’d rather lie around in its own filth than fight, but a mon­ster hunter’s gotta hunt mon­sters, as they say…


A heav­ily ar­moured mon­ster that hangs out in the desert. Dur­ing our bat­tle with one of th­ese beast­ies, it even­tu­ally fled to a body of wa­ter, where it slowed us down with a sticky clay at­tack. Sneaky.


Aka Turkey-Rex: The tough­est quest mon­ster we fought has nos­trils that ex­pand when it’s an­gry, fire-breath, and fins that sprout from its back. (Nope, we’re not sure what they’re for ei­ther.)


Formidable winged dragon that has the same de­monic horns on its head as on its tail. Can turn up at any mo­ment to wipe out a low-level party. We didn’t last long enough against it to tell you how to fight it!

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