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It’s been a long time since Kratos schooled us on Greek mythol­ogy by rip­ping his way through the gods. It’s amaz­ing what sticks in your brain after brawl­ing with Ti­tans. With less O neg­a­tive but more leg­ends than you can shake a di­vine fin­ger­nail at, gor­geous ac­tion ad­ven­ture Mu­laka is all about the in­cred­i­ble myths of the Tarahu­mara, an in­dige­nous com­mu­nity of Mex­ico. “The Tarahu­mara have been around since way be­fore the coloni­sa­tion pe­riod and have sur­vived through the years, some of them adapt­ing to our cities while oth­ers stay­ing in their set­tle­ments in the moun­tain area called the Sierra Tarahu­mara after them,” ex­plains Adolfo Aguirre from Mex­i­can dev team Lienzo. “Our game tells a leg­end of the de­struc­tion of the world. The Tarahu­mara peo­ple be­lieve in cycli­cal de­struc­tion and cre­ation. The gods have judged that there is too much cor­rup­tion and foul­ness in the world, so they’re set to de­stroy it so that new life can be reborn. It’s your duty as a Tarahu­mara Sukurúame, the clos­est equiv­a­lent to a shaman, a young hero named Mu­laka, to rally the demi-gods and con­vince the deities that mankind is worth pre­serv­ing.”

Bear ne­ces­sity

Com­bin­ing real lo­ca­tions and not-so-real crea­tures, Mu­laka is based on re­search into Tarahu­mara mythol­ogy. Mu­laka him­self turns into birds and even bears as he quests across the bright world. “This game is about a lore of a group of peo­ple, about the best sto­ries they have to tell and about their fan­tas­ti­cal beasts and crea­tures,” says Aguirre. “The Tarahu­mara peo­ple have some of the great­est myths we’ve ever heard and they fit the for­mat of an ac­tion game per­fectly. As you progress, you’ll learn dif­fer­ent di­vine trans­for­ma­tions that open new paths for ex­plo­ration and new ways to reach dif­fer­ent ar­eas. Essen­tially, you’re trans­form­ing into the demi-gods that you’ll be meet­ing in your quest.” It’s def­i­nitely time to save the world again.

The art style is in­spired by Tarahu­mara art and paint­ings as well as the bright colours of Wind Waker, Okami, and Grow Home

For­mat Switch, PS4, XO, PC Dev Lienzo ETA Spring 2018 Web http://bit.ly/gm­mu­laka

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