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Games Master - - Super Mario Odyssey -

Meet Mazza’s fab fly­ing space­craft

The Odyssey must be one of the most cu­ri­ous ve­hi­cles Nin­tendo has ever crafted. Equal parts gi­ant me­chan­i­cal top hat, hot air bal­loon, and campy 1950s space­ship, Cappy’s fan­tas­ti­cal fly­ing con­trap­tion al­lows Mario to hop around the galaxy in no time at all. Well, pro­vided you keep it con­stantly fed with Power Moons.

Upon reach­ing a new king­dom, a small globe on the Odyssey’s deck lights up, telling you how many more of the mous­tached hero’s cres­cent-shaped col­lecta­bles you need in or­der to travel to the next des­ti­na­tion. Some­how, the craft har­nesses the en­ergy of Power Moons, and the more you pump into the Odyssey, the more the sails on the roof re­pair them­selves. Throw enough into the hat-shaped ves­sel, and you’ll even­tu­ally make it all the way to Bowser’s King­dom, where you need to stop the de­mented dino’s forced wed­ding to Peach.

In a cute touch, the Odyssey is also highly cus­tomis­able. By col­lect­ing and spend­ing pur­ple coins in each king­dom, you un­lock a va­ri­ety of stick­ers, toys, and trin­kets to adorn the space­ship’s roomy lounge with. You could cel­e­brate your trip to the Cas­cade King­dom by splurg­ing on a T-rex statue, or com­mem­o­rate that time Mario re­stored power to New Donk City with some sky­scraper stick­ers for the wall. And you can al­ter the look of more than the space­ship’s in­te­rior. The Odyssey’s lounge even has a wardrobe so Mario can quickly change in and out of all the dif­fer­ent cos­tumes he col­lects dur­ing his quest.

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