Rainy day, dream away…

Games Master - - Review -

Wet weather is dy­namic

Races can start out with the cir­cuit to­tally dry. Then you get some spots of rain, with damp tar­mac fol­low­ing. Be­fore long, the whole track is awash with slip­pery kerbs and das­tardly pud­dles that’ll make you aqua­plane off the track if you don’t treat them with re­spect.

Un­like in some rac­ing sims, there’s still a de­cent amount of grip dur­ing wet weather races, but the car will fish­tail much more eas­ily. In some cars, like the Formula Ford, you can pull off some ridicu­lously fun drifts. Who says you’re not tak­ing the race se­ri­ously? Aren’t you sup­posed to drive side­ways?

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