Thou Shall Not Go Dy­na­mite Fish­ing

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Ah, fish­ing. For mil­len­nia man has gripped his rod and cast his un­wa­ver­ing line across the wa­ter in stoic ef­forts to hook that un­con­quer­able catch. In an­cient times it was a means of sur­vival, as pa­le­olithic fish fiends shaped hooks from bone and knot­ted it through wo­ven hair. Only in the last hun­dred years has it mor­phed into a recre­ational pas­time, and the surge in pop­u­lar­ity has led to many ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy, like mul­ti­ply­ing winches, ta­pered fly lines, and, con­tro­ver­sially, high ex­plo­sives. Throw­ing a stick of dy­na­mite in the wa­ter is ul­ti­mate Hail Mary play, so if you’d rather take a break to un­wind the tra­di­tional way, it’s dead easy. You cast with R2/RT, and use R2/RT again to set the hook (look for dis­tur­bances on the wa­ter). Then, when you feel a vi­bra­tion, use L2/LT to reel. Be­fore you know it you’ll have a pal­lid stur­geon or rain­bow trout wrig­gling on the end of your lure. Oh, who are we kid­ding? Just get in a plane and do a car­pet bomb.

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