An­i­mal Magic

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Four fa­mous videogame crea­tures we’d love as Fangs For Hire


Mines lit­ter the route ahead. There’s no way through. Un­til, that is, you sum­mon your good pal Mr Re­setti from An­i­mal Cross­ing to de­ac­ti­vate them from be­neath! In ad­di­tion, he could dig be­hind en­emy lines and leave lots of small craters to trip over.


Diddy Kong Rac­ing’s Bub­bler could bind Far Cry 5’s en­e­mies’ arms be­hind their backs and squeeze un­der barred doors to open them from the other side. Its most feared tech­nique would be sit­ting in cor­ri­dors and leav­ing a trail­ing ten­ta­cle to trip over.


Hav­ing a swarm of Skyrim’s Torch­bugs at your dis­posal would be amaz­ing. You’d throw them flash­bang-style, and use them to search for lost ammo down the back of the sofa. Also, you’d be able to ex­plore the deep­est, dark­est cave with help from their wig­gling, light-up butts.


For the price of just 300 ba­nanas, Don­key Kong’s the perfect mer­ce­nary – strong, ag­ile, and adept at keep­ing morale up with his rap­ping tal­ents. We can’t imag­ine any squad of cult fa­nat­ics keep­ing their com­po­sure when a rain of bar­rels is fly­ing down at them. He might even bring Diddy and the rest of the crew with him.

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