Thou Shall Not not Cry

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We didn’t not cry at the end of the movie Ti­tanic, and we won’t not cry when we meet Far Cry 5’s Nick Rye. “He’s one of our fond­est, coolest, and sweet­est char­ac­ters,” says nar­ra­tive di­rec­tor Jean-Sébastien De­cant. “We man­aged to pull off some­thing with him that I didn’t think we could pull off in Far Cry. He’s a fam­ily man, he has a wife, she’s ex­pect­ing, and in the game, through all th­ese bul­lets and fights and craziness, there is the story of this cou­ple. I think with that we went to a space that was un­ex­pected in a Far Cry game.” Des­per­ate times call for des­per­ate mea­sures, and when no­to­ri­ous cult Eden’s Gate threaten Nick’s way of life, he joins Hope County’s armed Re­sis­tance. This sub­plot of a fiercely pro­tec­tive fa­ther fight­ing to pro­tect his loved ones at any cost will surely make us all not not cry a bunch of times.

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