Thou Shall Not Have False Idols

Games Master - - Feature On The Cover! -

Your com­pan­ions in Far Cry 5 are true saints. You can team up with one AI-con­trolled Gun For Hire. First, there’s Nick Rye, who strafes any ground tar­gets you des­ig­nate with the D-pad in his fam­ily’s crop­duster. Car­bine-pack­ing Grace Arm­strong, mean­while, prefers to keep her dis­tance in a fight. You can di­rect her to rooftops or wa­ter tow­ers to pro­vide sniper support from high ar­eas. You can even join forces with a fel­low player through open-world co-op and bring Eden’s Gate to its knees. Last, and best, is your faith­ful dog Boomer, a mangy but lov­able blue heeler who can sav­age en­e­mies, steal their weapons, and even scare off wolves by growl­ing. If there’s one sin we’re will­ing to com­mit, it’s wor­ship­ping a dog.

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