Ori And The Will Of The Wisps (2018)

Games Master - - Return Of The Metroidvania -

Mahler of­fered us a few pre­cious de­tails on the Ori se­quel. “One thing we could’ve done bet­ter with Blind For­est was more op­tional ar­eas be­fore go­ing into new ar­eas. Some of the ar­eas might be ex­tremely hid­den, and you won’t see them on your first playthrough,” he said. “And that’s great be­cause you’ll find out about them from a friend two months later and want to play it again.” Mahler also added that he’s think­ing a lot about al­low­ing Metroid-style se­quence-break­ing for the se­quel, and that the devs are “push­ing hard to make the perfect Metroid­va­nia as they see it.”

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