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The Swords Of Ditto is a com­pressed ac­tion RPG that gives you a new ad­ven­ture ev­ery time you play it. The lay­out of the world, the char­ac­ters within it, and the chal­lenges you find are dif­fer­ent for ev­ery story you play. The deeds you ac­com­plish in an ad­ven­ture change how the next is formed, with ev­ery­thing you do be­com­ing the tale of the next world’s Hero Of Leg­end. The peo­ple of the is­land of Ditto will be quick to cel­e­brate you if you van­quish evil, but if you die, then that world is lost, and Ditto is plunged into 100 years of dark­ness!

Take up the role of the Sword Of Ditto, the hero that rises ev­ery 100 years, and de­feat the evil Mormo with out­landish weapons such as a gi­ant mon­ster foot that falls from the sky, or the spiky Su­per Conker! Tra­verse the world and com­plete tricky puz­zles and chal­lenges in ran­domised dun­geons, while piec­ing to­gether the clues of the rid­dle be­hind the curse that holds the is­land of Ditto in its grasp.

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