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Some peo­ple like to think that cheats have ‘van­ished’ from games. I don’t think that’s true, but then again what was the last game I played with cheats?

It was most likely… GTA V! That game came out back in 2013 orig­i­nally but then came out once more on the cur­rent-gen con­soles a year later.

Do you guys, or any of the read­ers, think that per­haps with last gen that cheat codes be­came taboo? I ask this as back with last gen if you used cheats, the tro­phies/achieve­ments would get dis­abled. It felt as if us­ing cheats was pun­ished in a way, or that the devel­op­ers were just telling us “you can’t be god and still have achieve­ments!”.

Cheats have ex­isted for years and even though peo­ple may say they have faded least they’ll al­ways ex­ist as mods. And I sup­pose the Kon­ami code will still work on Kon­ami games for­ever!

What do you think? I am cu­ri­ous to find out if you guys love and miss all the cheat codes of the past and if you think cheats have well and truly van­ished? Also what was the last game you guys played with cheats? Scott Jones, email

They cer­tainly seem to have gone the way of the dodo for the most part, a few ques­tion­able for­ays into cheat-codes-as-DLC aside. We can’t remember the last time we used one. Though on PC, as you say, you can still do what­ever you like via mods, cheat en­gines, and more.

We do miss the free­dom they pro­vided some­times – editor Robin has fond mem­o­ries of giv­ing him­self in­fi­nite money in The Sims to build the man­sion of his dreams.

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