Blaz­ing Le­gion: Ig­ni­tion sets the mech genre alight

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If the shots above haven’t clearly il­lu­mi­nated the kind of game this newly an­nounced ti­tle is, then per­haps cre­ator Ethan Redd’s own in­tro­duc­tion will help: “Blaz­ing Le­gion: Ig­ni­tion is an in­tro­spec­tive first-per­son bul­let hell about seven-storey tall mecha and con­se­quences. If the ac­tion genre is rock ’n’ roll, this game is black metal.” Sounds pretty cool, right? In mo­tion it’s a flurry of lights that’s hard to take your eyes away from. The first-per­son mech swerves and slides through the sky, dish­ing out a hail of bul­lets. It looks like you’ll con­stantly be busy, not given one mo­ment to breathe. Redd ex­plains the hec­tic pace: “From nar­ra­tive to vis­ual de­sign Blaz­ing Le­gion is about the feel­ing of fac­ing in­sur­mount­able odds and still com­ing out swing­ing, and I’m def­i­nitely try­ing to chan­nel some of that en­ergy.”

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The vis­ual style re­ally stands out – the in­ten­sity of colour is like noth­ing else in games at the mo­ment, even if it does harken back to older games. And that’s no bad thing; it’s all down to Redd’s in­spi­ra­tions. “Mid ’90s Sega’s out­put is def­i­nitely my big­gest in­flu­ence over­all, in both de­sign and vis­ual aes­thet­ics,” he ex­plains. “I love me­chan­i­cal games where the story is in the verbs and at­mos­phere; there’s a lot of won­der­ful sto­ry­telling pos­si­bil­i­ties in ‘game-y’ games that’s of­ten over­looked.”

De­spite the em­pha­sis on ac­tion, lots of ac­tion, there’s a story worth see­ing here too. You will be fill­ing the boots of Vana, a rebel fight­ing to spark an all-out re­volt. “An ex-mem­ber of the tit­u­lar Blaz­ing Le­gion elite fight­ing force, Vana’s un­godly skill and train­ing place her at the fore­front of the In­sur­rec­tion, de­spite her turn­coat sta­tus and the dis­trust of her com­rades,” Redd tells us.

When’s it out, you ask? The plan is Au­tumn this year, though which plat­forms it’s hit­ting is still TBC.

“If the ac­tion genre is rock ’n’ roll, this game is black metal”

This is one of the most strik­ing games on the hori­zon, with or with­out gi­ant ro­bots.

Pro­tag­o­nist Vana seems like one real badass, and maybe just a tad grumpy. A good com­bi­na­tion in a fighter?

Pretty much ev­ery­thing that hap­pens in this game is go­ing to de­mand your at­ten­tion. Just look at it.

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