Mario made the leap to 3D look ef­fort­less – and con­tin­ues to set the bar

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The name might’ve clued you in, but this lat­est en­try in the se­ries felt like a real jour­ney, a re­lax­ing hol­i­day in your Switch. Each lo­ca­tion boldly boasted its own dis­tinct art style, me­chan­ics, and tone, per­fectly evok­ing the most ex­cit­ing parts of be­ing a for­eigner in a for­eign land. And that’s be­fore we even men­tion Cappy, whose pow­ers of pos­ses­sion proved a per­fectly imag­i­na­tive new twist, to­tally chang­ing our ap­proach to ev­ery en­vi­ron­ment. Odyssey is the best 3D plat­former Mario’s ever been in, and that’s fact.

Su­per Mario 64 1997 N64 Su­per Mario Sunshine 2002 Game­Cube Su­per Mario Galaxy 2007 Wii

Mario went to spaaaaaace! And brought with him a host of new tricks, tack­ling ga­lac­tic lev­els full of spher­i­cal worlds that gave this plat­former a re­ally unique 3D feel. The game was so good it be­came the first Nin­tendo ti­tle to be awarded the BAFTA for Best Game. Mario’s sig­na­ture jump at­tack was found not to func­tion in the top-down per­spec­tive used to ex­plore worlds, so the de­sign­ers gave him a spin at­tack in­stead, which play­ers could see more eas­ily.

Mario went on hol­i­day but hardly got a chance to rest. This trop­i­cal is­land needed him to clean up, us­ing his pow­er­ful wa­ter gun, called FLUDD, to take down en­e­mies and solve puz­zles. It’s here when se­ries sta­ples like Bowser Jr. and Toadsworth were first in­tro­duced, and where they, like all the game’s char­ac­ters, were fully voice-acted, some­thing that hasn’t been done in a Mario ti­tle since.

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