There’s go­ing to be one hell of a hang­over after this one

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After giv­ing us the truly spe­cial Ox­en­free, de­vel­oper Night School Stu­dio has an­nounced its next game, and it’s look­ing no less in­ter­est­ing. Af­ter­party pits you in a drink­ing con­test against the Devil him­self. Sounds easy? Have you learned from Cup­head?


The game fol­lows Milo and Lola, who’ve been best mates pretty much their whole lives, as they find them­selves quite dead and set to face an eter­nity in Hell. Lucky for them, though, there is one way to get out of this grim af­ter­life, or so they’re told: by out­drink­ing the Devil. But to do so they’ll need to find a way into his pri­vate af­ter­party. You play as both Milo and Lola as they go on one mas­sive ben­der through the un­der­world, meet­ing all sorts of char­ac­ters and get­ting into all kinds of trou­ble. The best part? The pair don’t even know what they did to end up in Hell in the first place.

Devil’s in the de­tails

Now, this isn’t en­tirely your flames-and-pitch­fork sort of Hell. The de­vel­oper has spo­ken about how it’s mak­ing each area you visit unique, each draw­ing from dif­fer­ent re­li­gions and be­liefs about the af­ter­life. As in Ox­en­free be­fore it, player choice will also be at the fore­front of this game, with the de­vel­oper promis­ing that how you spend time in the game’s var­i­ous ar­eas will be en­tirely your de­ci­sion. We’re hop­ing for a sim­i­lar real-time branch­ing di­a­logue sys­tem to the one seen in Ox­en­free – it worked bril­liantly there. We also ex­pect to do some clever prob­lem solv­ing along the way, prob­a­bly in­volv­ing co­pi­ous amounts of al­co­hol. And, un­like in real life, in Hell us­ing al­co­hol to solve your prob­lems is a smart idea, with drinks giv­ing you su­per­nat­u­ral abil­i­ties that will en­sure Milo and Lola are the life and soul of the party. Well, the soul, at least.

Given Night School Stu­dio’s knack for sto­ry­telling, cre­at­ing char­ac­ters, and de­vis­ing some top-notch puz­zles, there’s ev­ery rea­son to sus­pect Af­ter­party will be one in­cred­i­ble fol­low-up to Ox­en­free. Cer­tainly, the nov­elty of the bar-hop­ping premise has our at­ten­tion. There’s been no an­nounce­ment yet on a re­lease date or plat­forms, and while PC seems a sure thing, we’re not so sure about con­soles. But based on ev­ery­thing re­leased so far, this is one party you won’t want to miss.

He might look im­pos­ing but we’re sure he does a mean mo­jito. Or more likely a flam­ing Sam­buca. For­mat PC De­vel­oper Night School Stu­dio Pub­lisher Night School Stu­dio ETA Sum­mer 2019

It might be Hell, but it looks like a great place for a night out. And you’ll prob­a­bly en­counter fewer goblins here than we do in our lo­cal.

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