The Murky Depths of Le­viathan

Games Master - - Review -

Cap­tain, steer­age is full of mur­der­ous ro­bots

After clear­ing the opu­lent up­per decks of the Le­viathan star­ship, full of big shirt­less tur­tle-rhino boys, the lower lev­els of the Le­viathan are an in­ter­est­ing change, from gold gilded baths to a murky poi­sonous cy­ber-swamp. Why is there a gi­ant area full of gross wa­ter in this star­ship? Can you have bilges in the zero grav­ity of space? Well, the dirty wa­ter from the baths has to go some­where… ew. We’re just go­ing to not think about all the times we fell in the wa­ter dur­ing that first plat­form­ing sec­tion.

The steer­age sec­tion of the Le­viathan has some se­ri­ous health and safety vi­o­la­tions go­ing on as well – ap­par­ently the only way to reach the low­est lev­els of the star­ship is to jump into a gi­ant hole with a mur­der­ous fan at the bot­tom, not to men­tion the huge fiery void you come to shortly af­ter­wards. Let’s not even start on the huge Vex death ro­bot that lives in the hor­rific fiery void… Wait, how did all this fit in­side the Le­viathan? Space magic, prob­a­bly.

Se­ri­ously though, Le­viathan, Eater Of Worlds has some well-de­signed en­coun­ters. A tense plat­form­ing puz­zle, a good old-fash­ioned gaunt­let of mobs, a fran­tic and fast-paced timed chal­lenge and a de­cid­edly epic boss fight. We rec­om­mend not look­ing up a walk­through for this one, be­cause it’s great fun try­ing to work out the en­coun­ters on your own (plus it adds some much-needed length to the ex­pe­ri­ence!)

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