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What’s the weird­est game ever?

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Freak Out on PS2! Any­one re­mem­ber that?! I swear there was a beach level with weird busty ladies who flew like he­li­copters by their boobs?! (It was also called Stretch Panic ap­par­ently…) PhaseChanArt, @PhaseChan

Maybe just most games from the 8- and 16-bit eras. Plumbers bat­tling gi­ant tur­tles and ab­sorb­ing mush­rooms to save a

princess; a blue hedge­hog that runs at break­neck speed teamed with a fly­ing two tailed fox bat­tling an evil sci­en­tist; Earth­worm Jim… Nakku­ruzu, @Nakku­ruzu2

LSD: Dream Emu­la­tor, we can’t for­get that. Lit­er­ally: it’s burned into my mind. Steven Lan­dray, @shok­munky

Rhythm Thief: Phan­tom De­tec­tive! It’s one of my favourite games but the plot is so weird when try­ing to de­scribe it to some­one: Napoleon is try­ing to steal your girl­friend, and you have to stop him with your best dance moves. Louise Bee, Face­book

For a more re­cent pick, Ev­ery­thing has to be one of the odd­est games of the last few years. It al­lows you to play as al­most any­thing you can imag­ine, from a swarm of rolling bears, to a tree the size of a planet, to a sen­tient trum­pet.

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