Unto the End

Flip the tra­di­tional 2D plat­former script and go right to left

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Ev­ery­thing – in Western cul­ture, at any rate – al­ways goes from left to right. You are read­ing this go­ing left to right, load­ing bars go from left to right, and 2D platformers ex­pect you to cross the screen from left to right. Ex­cept for Unto The End that is, be­cause here you’re head­ing right to left and it makes sense the­mat­i­cally. You play as a fa­ther who is try­ing to get back to his fam­ily, so in­stead of the usual ‘go­ing for­ward’ no­tion of quest­ing that fea­tures in most sto­ries, this dad on a mis­sion is head­ing back to where he started, which is on the left of the screen. It’s a nice way of chang­ing things up, and does force you to think a lit­tle more when you first pick the game up. You might not even be aware of just how used to go­ing from left to right you’d be­come – Unto The End will show you.

On the jour­ney back to your fam­ily you’ll tra­verse a num­ber of ar­eas, each filled with foes that you have to con­quer. The snowy moun­tain top, for ex­am­ple, is in­hab­ited by strange, furry ape-like crea­tures, and at first they aren’t sure if you are a friend or foe, tak­ing a mo­ment to scout you out if you do not have your weapon drawn, be­fore de­cid­ing whether you need to be taken down.

Sword play

When you do fight, a com­bat sys­tem strangely sim­i­lar to For Honor’s kicks in. If your op­po­nent po­si­tions their weapon high, you want to at­tack low, and vice versa. You can block blows by po­si­tion­ing your­self in the same stance as your op­po­nent. More com­plex moves, such as rolls and jump­ing off scenery, can give you an edge, but with ev­ery foe re­quir­ing only three hits to go down, coun­ter­ing is usu­ally the best op­tion. The beau­ti­ful art style, deep com­bat sys­tems and chal­leng­ing en­e­mies make this an ab­so­lute joy to play. Just how long killing three-hit won­ders will re­main fun is yet to be seen, but Unto The End has the po­ten­tial to be some­thing re­ally spe­cial.

At first, Unto The End looks like a tra­di­tional cute 2D ad­ven­ture game – but things get very vi­o­lent and bloody very quickly. For­mat Switch, PS4, XO, PC De­vel­oper 2 Ton Stu­dios Pub­lisher Dig­i­tal Up­per­cut Pro­duc­tions ETA 2018

You are on a quest to re­turn to your fam­ily, who are also the ones you prac­tise sword fight­ing with. At least you know they can han­dle things till you re­turn…

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