Rebel gal­axy out­law

That’s a big 10-4

Games Master - - Preview Eyes-on With Future Hits! - Robin Valen­tine

Much as we love a good space sim, you could hardly be blamed for find­ing them a lit­tle… dry. Not so in the case of the orig­i­nal Rebel Gal­axy, which in­jected a shot of per­son­al­ity into the genre – and this se­quel’s here to turn that up to 11. Think ‘truck­ers in space’ and you won’t be far wrong: it’s like a more up­beat Alien, with space-borne dive bars, retro-fu­ture tech, and an in-game ra­dio play­ing twangy coun­try mu­sic. You’ll smug­gle goods across the sys­tem, dodg­ing pi­rates and cops along the way.

The ac­tion’s been amped way up, with the first game’s slow bat­tles and third-per­son view re­placed by in­tense first-per­son dog­fights with an Elite-like view out of the cock­pit. It’s a more ar­cade-y feel than many of its peers, even al­low­ing you to ‘drift’ your ship for cheeky strafes.

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