Re­turn of the obra dinn

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From the cre­ator of Pa­pers Please comes a per­haps even more idio­syn­cratic new ti­tle. The year is 1807, and as an in­sur­ance in­ves­ti­ga­tor for the East In­dia Com­pany, you’re tasked with board­ing the Obra Dinn, a ship thought lost for over four years be­fore drift­ing back to Lon­don’s port seem­ingly un­manned. Us­ing a su­per­nat­u­ral com­pass that can re­play the last mo­ments of the dead crew­men you dis­cover, you’ll grad­u­ally un­cover a larger mys­tery. A strange, ‘1-bit’ mono­chrome art style adds an eerie at­mos­phere to it all.

For­mat PC Pub 3909 Dev Lu­cas Pope ETA Au­tumn

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