#4 World of Hor­ror

Daze of the bleak

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It’s the end of the world, and el­dritch abom­i­na­tions have risen from the sea to ter­rorise a sleepy Ja­panese coastal town. Though ar­maged­don ap­proaches, if you can re­tain your san­ity in the face of these un­earthly hor­rors, you might just be able to stave the end off for a while. Lone de­vel­oper Paweł Koźmiński has con­jured a ter­rif­i­cally creepy anthology of short sto­ries that play out like clas­sic RPGs in minia­ture – in fact, it’s de­lib­er­ately styled like a 1980s Mac­in­tosh game (yes, those were a thing), with one fram­ing op­tion even let­ting you play it on an in-game mon­i­tor. Once you pick a tale, you’ll be asked to choose an an­cient god (each of which has an ef­fect on your char­ac­ter stats) be­fore a deck of en­counter cards is shuf­fled.

In one story you’re tasked with find­ing can­dles and chalk to per­form a dan­ger­ous rit­ual in an empty school; an­other sees a young woman ex­plor­ing a fes­ti­val, with bloody re­sults that may or may not be down to her fevered imag­i­na­tion. You’ll need items and spells to fight the var­i­ous crea­tures that spo­rad­i­cally ac­cost you, but even that might not be enough to save you from de­scend­ing into mad­ness. In other words, don’t ex­pect many happy end­ings here; tem­po­rary sur­vival is about as up­beat as it gets.

Fancy sleep­ing with the light on? This ma­cabre se­ries of ad­ven­tures should be just the ticket.

“Don’t ex­pect a happy end­ing; tem­po­rary sur­vival is about as up­beat as it gets”

There’s a wide va­ri­ety of colour pal­ettes to choose from, and you can turn off the slightly ob­tru­sive mu­sic – take it from us, si­lence is scarier.

For­mat Switch, PS4, PC Dev Panstasz ETA 2019 Web bit.ly/gm_­world­ofhor­ror

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