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Its adorable, its twee ti­tle and ex­te­rior, but pre­sen­ta­tion don’t Lovers be fooled: In might A Dan­ger­ous be­neath be Space­time has sharp teeth. In it, you team up with up to three friends to co-pilot a space­ship through a gal­axy filled with threats. The beauty – or hor­ror, de­pend­ing on how you look at it – of the game is that the ship is

di­vided up into rooms, each of which con­trols a dif­fer­ent as­pect. And, nat­u­rally, there are more rooms than there are play­ers. So if you want to bring up the shields, some­one needs to stop man­ning the weapons, or aban­don the en­gine room. With the forces of Anti-Love bear­ing down on you, things quickly get des­per­ate.

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