This month’s Hur­ley Ac­cess is… well, it’s an odd one. Read on for clones, booze, and in­fi­nite fire hoses.

Can Flash­ing Lights do jus­tice to the po­lice, fire, and emer­gency med­i­cal ser­vices?

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Nor­mally in Hur­ley Ac­cess, Leon is start­ing fires, not putting them out. Which makes Flash­ing Lights – Po­lice Fire EMS (to give it its full name) an in­ter­est­ing op­por­tu­nity for him to try and help peo­ple as a po­lice of­fi­cer, fire­fighter, or paramedic. Will this be the path to re­demp­tion, or will Games-Mas­ter be ask­ing for his badge by sun­down?

0 min­utes face in I mean I’ve imag­ined my a good cop. And by that I’ve al­ways thought I’d make and a wall with a gun in my hand prob­a­bly slam­ming into some movie ac­tion scene, I mean I’ve ob­vi­ously not as bul­lets chip the edges. shout­ing “It’s over, bad guy” by the the bad guy but, judg­ing if I haven’t ac­tu­ally named thought about it that hard has the de­vel­oper of Flash­ing choose from here, nei­ther four po­lice char­ac­ters I can made at 4.30pm on a the haunted look of de­ci­sions Lights. The choices all have the least I pick the one who looks peo­ple can go home, and Fri­day af­ter­noon just so man with an in­ex­pli­ca­ble say a slightly boss-eyed up­set about it. Which is to a just walked face-first into that seems to sug­gest he’s mous­tache and an ex­pres­sion a clear opin­ion on the ex­pe­ri­ence. wall and has yet to form 15 min­utes It’s im­me­di­ately clear that this isn’t at the high end of the sim­u­la­tion in­side of the po­lice sta­tion is mar­ket. The a fea­ture­less box with var­i­ous things in lieu of float­ing icons to man­age ac­tual char­ac­ters to talk to. Out­side, the city isn’t much bet­ter; it’s sort of sea of fea­ture­less tex­tures a full of boxes with pic­tures of that mat­ters, though, build­ings on. None of be­cause I’ve got a call! ‘Of­fi­cer in need of as­sis­tance’ flashes on the screen and I jump in a up pa­trol car and start the sirens. through the city, I’m ex­cited as I tear right up un­til the mo­ment I crash hole by the car and get stuck in a small the side of the road. For­tu­nately the car ap­pears to be some sort bal­loon and I’m able to gen­tly of se­cret roll it free by get­ting out and sure that’s strictly run­ning into it. I’m not au­then­tic po­lice pro­ce­dure. 30 min­utes When I fi­nally reach the scene I find one per­son has al­ready been ar­rested and I have to chase an­other, flee­ing, sus­pect who (weirdly) has been pa­tient enough to wait for me. It’s a lit­tle con­fus­ing at first, though: there are two cars that have ap­par­ently crashed. The cop on the scene won’t talk to me, and the guy she’s ar­rested won’t do any­thing, no mat­ter how much I try punch­ing him. Af­ter a while I re­alise the woman who had been stand­ing by the other car has gone and when I check my map there’s a green dot a lit­tle way away. Sure enough it’s her, run­ning pa­tient loops in the for­est wait­ing for me to catch up. Cue ten min­utes of me chas­ing her around try­ing to tase her into sub­mis­sion. Even­tu­ally I pop a few thou­sand volts into the back of her neck, cuff and frisk her, and find booze and a gun. My first bust!

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