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Re­live the rep­tile-ru­in­ing set­piece

It’s never quite clear if Resi 2’s 40-foot sewer-dweller is a croc­o­dile or an al­li­ga­tor. Re­gard­less of what species the G-virus rep­tile is, Leon’s scrap against the beast is one of the game’s coolest set­pieces. What in­spired Leon to blow off the ’ga­tor’s up­per jaw with a nearby canis­ter of com­pressed air, you ask? You can thank a cer­tain fishy Spiel­berg clas­sic. In an in­ter­view with JP Games Magazine from 1998, se­ries pro­ducer Shinji Mikami re­vealed what a huge fan he is of Jaws. “I saw it at the theatre when I was in mid­dle school,” re­called Mikami. “For good hor­ror en­ter­tain­ment, you can’t just have chase scenes – you’ve got to keep build­ing and build­ing stress… I was con­tem­plat­ing that when I sud­denly re­mem­bered the fi­nal scene in Jaws, where at the very last mo­ment he shoves an oxy­gen tank into the shark’s mouth and shoots it with a ri­fle, and bam!, the shark ex­plodes in a mil­lion pieces.” At least Resi 2’s ’ga­tor didn’t chow down on any black labradors be­fore Leon sent it pack­ing… we hope.

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