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Sugar Baby Com­pact vine with abun­dant small fruit that eas­ily fit in the fridge.

Early crop­per. Har­vest in 10–12 weeks. Moon and Stars Dark-skinned, with yel­low ‘moon and star’ spots on fruit and fo­liage. Har­vest in 14 weeks.

Candy Red Large, ob­long fruit with light green skin and deep pink flesh. Har­vest in 12–14 weeks.

All­sweet Large, ob­long fruit with very few seeds. Har­vest in 12–14 weeks.

Sweet Siberian Medium-sized, spher­i­cal fruit with fra­grant or­ange flesh. Early crop­per. Har­vest in 10 weeks.

Moun­tain Sweet Yel­low Large, elon­gated fruit with honey-sweet yel­low flesh. Har­vest in 14 weeks.

Black­tail Moun­tain Dark-skinned, rich-red flesh. Cold tol­er­ant. Har­vest in 15 weeks.

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