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Strike cut­tings of be­go­nias, salvias, gera­ni­ums (right) and pelargo­ni­ums

Plant and stake dahlia tu­bers in well-drained soil en­riched with com­post

Feed pot plants with an ap­pli­ca­tion of slow-re­lease fer­tiliser (top) and water in a wet­ting agent to fully hy­drate the mix

Ap­ply hor­ti­cul­tural oil or soap spray to the un­der­sides of new aza­lea fo­liage to kill lace bug Prune crabap­ple, or­na­men­tal plum and other spring- ow­er­ing plants as they nish bloom­ing Ren­o­vate lawns by aer­at­ing com­pacted ar­eas, and fer­tilise and top-dress if nec­es­sary

Trim na­tive Har­den­ber­gia spp. and Pan­dorea spp. vines af­ter ow­er­ing, but avoid cut­ting into any of the old, lea ess wood

Plant pot-grown shrubs, and tip-prune reg­u­larly to en­cour­age bushi­ness

Clean up, oil or paint gar­den fur­ni­ture and out­door set­tings

Watch out for aphids (right) on roses, cit­rus and bras­si­cas

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