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Clip brachyscome daisies to re­move dead blooms, then feed and water to en­cour­age re­peat ow­er­ing

Re­pro­gram ir­ri­ga­tion timers (above) to al­low for in­creas­ing mois­ture needs Plant sum­mer- ow­er­ing peren­ni­als and ap­ply reg­u­lar doses of liq­uid fer­tiliser Di­vide crowded pots of peace lily (Spa­thy­phy­lum spp.) or pot up into larger con­tain­ers

Sprin­kle fer­tiliser around hedges and shrubs in need of a nu­tri­tional boost

Fill pots and hang­ing bas­kets with colour­ful coleus, be­go­nia and im­pa­tiens Dead­head proteas and leu­ca­den­drons to tidy up and ex­tend dis­plays

Trim ryp­tomene spp., bot­tle­brush and gre­vil­lea as soon as ow­ers fade

Keep pan­sies (be­low) ow­er­ing with reg­u­lar deep soak­ings and ap­pli­ca­tions of liq­uid fer­tiliser

Top up mulch as soon as you’ve had a de­cent fall of rain

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