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Get sum­mer ve­gies in this month – pump­kin, egg­plant, tomato (above), chilli and zuc­chini Sprin­kle a tight stful per square me­tre of sul­fate of potash in soil where toma­toes, egg­plants and cap­sicum are to be planted

Dig plenty of aged ma­nure into the soil be­fore plant­ing leafy crops

Plant pas­sion­fruit, cit­rus, av­o­cado, paw­paw and tamar­illo in com­post-en­riched soil Mon­i­tor mango trees and spray with cop­per hy­drox­ide if nec­es­sary to re­duce spread of an­thrac­nose

Prune cit­rus (be­low), re­mov­ing any dead, dis­eased and cross­ing branches, and cut­ting back a small se­lec­tion of over­grown branches Plant gin­ger, turmeric and galan­gal in com­post-en­riched soil

Prune es­tab­lished paw­paw trees

Pinch out tips of pump­kin vines to en­cour­age branch­ing and more ow­er­ing

Net mul­ber­ries to pro­tect the emerg­ing fruit from birds that come to visit

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