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Gather up au­tumn leaves and put straight on gar­den beds as mulch or in the com­post

Pro­vide a win­ter food source for birds by plant­ing gre­vil­leas (above) and banksias

Plant al­lium, lil­ium, del­phinium (be­low), pe­ony and lily-of-the-val­ley in cool ar­eas

Liq­uid-feed spring- ow­er­ing an­nu­als fort­nightly with a ower-boost­ing fer­tiliser prod­uct

Re-pot shrubs that have been in the same pot for sev­eral years

Ap­ply iron chelates to banksia, gre­vil­lea and erioste­mons if the grow­ing tips are yel­low­ing

Look for cor­reas in nurs­eries while they are in ower

Give rock or­chids

(Den­dro­bium specio­sum) a liq­uid feed to en­cour­age bet­ter ow­er­ing in spring

Feed polyan­thus with a fer­tiliser for ow­er­ing plants, and pro­tect the vul­ner­a­ble seedlings from snail at­tack

Plant spring- ow­er­ing bulbs

– May is your last chance to get them in the ground or pot­ted up

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