Gatton Star - - LIFE -

Queens­land Pro­duce in the Bris­bane Mar­ket for the week end­ing Tues­day, 05 Septem­ber 2017.


AVO­CA­DOS: Hass Ex­tra $45-$48[$45] Sl­tray, Hass No1 $35-$42[$38.50] Best $45 Sl­tray.

LEMONS: Eureka No1 $30-$45[$37.50] Best $50 CP.


BEANS: Bor­lotti Hand Picked $3-$4[$3] Kg, Broad $7-$9[$8.10] Kg, But­ter Hand Picked $4-$6[$5] Kg, Round S'less Hand Picked $4-$5[$5] Best $6 Kg, Round S'less Ma­chine P'kd 80c-$1.80[$1.40] Best $2 Kg, Round S'less Mp­hand Packed $2.50-$2.50[$2.50] Kg, Snake Loose $5-$7[$6] Kg. BEET­ROOT: $6-$14[$10] 10Kg­bag, $2-$2.40[$2.40] Best $2.80 Bunch. BROCCOFLOWER: Pur­ple $20-$24[$22.80] 8Kgctn. BROC­COLI: Ex­tra $12-$14[$13] 8KGIPK, No1 $8-$14[$11] 8KGIPK, No1 Large $6-$10[$8] 8KGIPK, No2 $4-$6[$6] 8KGIPK, Baby Bunched $12-$22[$18] 2.4Kg. CABBAGES: Ball­head Large $2.50-$3[$2.75] Best $3.50 Each, Ball­head Medium $2-$2[$2] Each, Gourmet Tus­can Sleeves $2.50-$3[$2.75] 200g, Red $12-$20[$18] Car­ton, Savoy $2-$3[$2.50] Each, Su­gar­loaf $10-$20[$15.60] Car­ton. CAP­SICUMS: Gold $20-$30[$26.40] 27Lctn. CAR­ROTS: $16-$20[$18.60] Car­ton, Pre-pack $14-$18[$16] Bag, Pre-pack $16-$20[$19] Car­ton, No1 $14-$18[$16] Bag, No1 Large $12-$16[$14] Bag, No2 $4-$12[$7.80] Bag. CAULIFLOWERS: $1-$1[$1] Each, Ex­tra Large $20-$24[$22] Car­ton, No1 $12-$20[$16.20] Car­ton, No2 $6-$12[$8.80] Car­ton.


$12-$24[$19.20] 16Kgctn, Wom­bok 60c-$1.20[80c] Each. CU­CUM­BERS: Ap­ple $20-$26[$26] Best $30 18Lctn, Green $12-$20[$16.40] 10Kgctn, White $20-$24[$24] 10Kgctn.

EGG PLANT: Pur­ple $8-$14[$13] 8Kgctn.

LET­TUCE: Headed $4-$10[$8.20] Car­ton, Hearts $10-$10[$10] Car­ton. MUSH­ROOMS: But­tons $6-$8[$7.95] Kg, Cups $4-$8[$6.90] Kg, Flats $7-$9.50[$9.25] Kg. SHAL­LOTS: Eschal­lots 90c-$1.20[97c] Bunch, Eschal­lots Ex­tra $1.20-$1.40[$1.30] Bunch. SILVERBEET: $1.20-$1.60[$1.50] Bunch, Full-cut $1-$2[$1.72] Bunch.

SQUASH: Gold No1 Ruf­fled $20-$30[$30] 9Lctn, Gold No1 Large $12-$12[$12] 9Lctn, Gold No1 Medium $18-$18[$18] 9Lctn, Gold No1 Medium Large $16-$16[$16] 9Lctn, Gold No1 Small $20-$20[$20] 9Lctn, Gold No1 Small Medium $20-$20[$20] 9Lctn, Gold No2 $8-$14[$11] 9Lctn. SWEDES: $10-$20[$17.80]

10Kg­bag. SWEET CORN: $16-$18[$18] Best $20 18Lctn, Bi-colour $14-$14[$14] 18Lctn, Pre-pack $20-$24[$21.80] 18Lctn. TOMA­TOES: Cherry Red 80c-$1.20[$1] 250g, Egg No1 Exlarge $16-$16[$16] 10Kgctn, Egg No1 Large $16-$18[$16.80] 10Kgctn, Egg No1 Medium $14-$14[$14] 10Kgctn, Egg No1 Medium Large $16-$18[$16.80] 10Kgctn, Egg No1 Small $8-$10[$9] 10Kgctn, Egg No1 Small Medium $10-$12[$11] 10Kgctn, Egg No2 $4-$8[$8] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Cock­tail Bowen $6-$8[$6.40] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Large Bowen $8-$10[$8.40] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Medium Bowen $8-$10[$9] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Medium Large Bowen $8-$12[$9.40] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Small Bowen $6-$8[$7.20] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No1 Small Medium Bowen $8-$10[$9] 10Kgctn, Field Gourmet No2 $2-$6[$4] 10Kgctn.

TURNIPS: Pur­ple Top $10-$16[$12.60] 10Kg­bag. ZUCCHINIS: Green Ex­tra $16-$16[$16] Best $20 10Kgctn, Green No1 Large 201-250 $8-$12[$12] 10Kgctn, Green No1 Medium 140-200 $10-$14[$14] 10Kgctn, Green No1 Medium Large $10-$14[$12] 10Kgctn, Green No1 Small <140mm $10-$14[$14] 10Kgctn, Green No1 Small Medium $12-$14[$14] 10Kgctn, Green No2 $8-$12[$10] 10Kgctn.


ONIONS: White Large 76-90mm New Sea­son $10-$15[$15] 10Kg­bag, White Medium 61-75mm New Sea­son $20-$25[$22.50] 10Kg­bag. POTA­TOES: Gourmet Kipfler Brushed $2-$2.40[$2.40] Best $3 Kg, Gourmet Kipfler Washed $3-$3.20[$3.20] Best $4.50 Kg, Gourmet Ni­cola $20-$20[$20] 20Kg­bag, Un­washed White Se­bago Ather­ton $18-$18[$18] 15Kgctn, Un­washed White Se­bago Ather­ton $18-$18[$18] 20Kg­bag, Un­washed White Se­bago Dark Soil $8-$12[$10] 20Kg­bag, Un­washed White Se­bago Dark Soil $25-$30[$27.50] APBAG, Un­washed White Valor $40-$42[$40] APBAG. PUMP­KINS: Blue Qld. Blue 50c-$1[80c] Kg, But­ter­nut New Sea­son $20-$24[$22] 20Kg­bag, But­ter­nut New Sea­son $24-$36[$28.20] 20Kgctn, But­ter­nut New Sea­son 80c-$1.30[$1] Kg, Golden Nugget $3-$3[$3] Kg, Grey Jar­radale 50c-$1[70c] Kg, Grey Samp­son 50c-$1[66c] Kg, Jap New Sea­son $15-$18[$16.50] Bag, Jap New Sea­son 40c-70c[60c] Kg, Jap Large 40c-50c[42c] Kg, Jap Medium 30c-40c[32c] Kg, Jap Medium Large 35c-45c[37c] Kg, Jap Small 25c-30c[26c] Kg,

Queens­land Pro­duce in the Bris­bane Mar­ket. In­for­ma­tion sup­plied by Mar­ket In­for­ma­tion Ser­vices

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